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Reverse logistic

of the obligation

Of the systems instituted and available for use by construction companies 

The formalized sale of reverse logistics waste

The issuance of MTR - Waste Transport Manifest for Reverse Logistics waste

Evidence to be required and storage time

Waste management

The importance of inventory by area/generating process

Classification for handling and transport (MTR emission);

Mandatory issuance of FDSR's – Chemical Waste Safety Data Sheet

Use of approved packaging for the transport of hazardous waste

Waste labeling

Waste incompatibility for storage

Issuance of tax document for transport

Issuance of MTR - Waste Transport Manifest - SIGOR x SINIR 

Mandatory energy recovery for flammable waste

Environmental insurance for recipients

Selective collection and the use of municipalities for waste disposal

The use of Cooperatives and Collectors Associations

Minimization of hazardous waste generation

Qualification of transport and final destination suppliers

Mandatory and optional training


Management Plans

Mandatory registration in the CTF AIDA  - IBAMA's Federal Technical Registry

The CNORP - National Registry of Hazardous Waste Operators

The PGRS of construction companies and the need to fill in the SINIR website – National Information System on Solid Waste Management

The collective and integrated PGRS's


​Renata Gregolini, chemist, professional with 24 years of experience in the waste management chain.





What is it?

Advantages/disadvantages: why/when apply bioremediation?

Common misconceptions (like source zone not possible, slow etc)

Techniques (on-site/in-situ/circulation/bioreactor etc)

Cyclic Design

When cyclic design is to be applied 

Implementation works 

Delimiting potential source zones

Final Remediation Design decided during the implementation works

 Aerobic Remediation

Specific characteristics/design


Which compounds can treat and typical characteristics (LNAPL)

Important factors (geochemistry, processes that change pH like iron oxidation)

Focus on process control/field parameters (monitoring)

Molecular analysis

Methane stripping?

Anaerobic Remediation

Geochemistry/electron donor


Which compounds can we treat with typical characteristics

Important factors + monitoring 

Molecular analyses 

Project: Tarragona or Geel

 Combination Anaerobic

When anaerobic and when aerobic when you can choose?


M. Slooijer - Managing Director M. Slooijer Group

Martin Slooijer founder of GreenSoil. Martin has worked in remediation contracting since 1999. He started as an assistant project manager, and later moved on to a management position, responsible for the international market. Martin Slooijer is very experienced in the field of biological soil and groundwater remediation.

Distant Antonio - Projectmanager

Assignment and management of subcontractors. Antonio is currently running multiple Brazilian remediation projects.

Dr. J. Dijk - R&D Manager

Dr. John Dijk has a PhD in anaerobic biodegradation and has over 15 years of experience in the field of biodegradation of certain components. Previously he was manager of BioSoil R&D. At GreenSoil, John is responsible for scientific support within the projects and conducting laboratory tests on the feasibility of biodegradation.


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